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Google Business Suite (Setup, Migration and Management Services)

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Change is a constant thing in everyday life. And one of the biggest changes is evident in everyone moving to cloud. Cloud offers you a better, much more innovative platform for your data and work— not to mention it is secure and allows for greater flexibility. Moving to cloud can be tasking process, and you also need to make sure it is done the right way.

With South Florida’s cloud migration tool, we move you to cloud seamlessly and without hassles, especially when your migration destination is Google Business Suite. Migrate all your files, data and information to G Suite.

With our Google Business Suite migration, you get a perfect Google Business Suite setup that is easy, straightforward and fast. Sometimes, it’s almost like nothing changed— that is how effective we are. Our migration is also secure, so all your contacts, data and emails are at no risk of compromise or breach. It’s the perfect way to migrate!

Migrating with South Florida Tech Support also gives you access to a variety of added features. Not only do we supervise and facilitate your migration, we setup and manage the systems for you. This way, your entire business environment remains secure; just the way you want it.

What other features are offered?

Our migration processes include:

  • Migration across multiple servers; allowing for multiple threads of items to be migrated at the same time.
  • Migration Summary; where you get a live update and review of your migration— keeping you informed and on top of things. You also get notified of key occurences during your migration through email
  • Troubleshooting, easy user interface and additional technical support.

Make your migrations seamless and problem free. South Florida Tech Support guides you through migrations as you enter the world of productivity through cloud.

View additional information regarding Google’s Gsuite Family at the official workplace website: Google Workplace Website