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Does your business need a reliable server management and disaster recovery strategy? Look no further than South Florida Tech Support. Our solutions and responses are executed on expert remote & on-site hardware and software solutions both managed and maintained by our team of I.T. experts.

Servers are the center point of your technical operations, giving them priority when supporting their needs. South Florida Tech Support’s managed services places priority on your organization’s server care, providing around the clock monitoring and response to alerts.

We Understand That Your Servers Need To Be 100%, Ready For Business.

I.T. Computer Servers

Your business’s servers are the center of operation for your business’s I.T. South Florida Tech Support understands that your business is loosing money when your IT isn’t running efficiently and stable. That’s why we take the proactive approach to monitor services that your server is responsible for. Additionally, our systems and response to alerts, allow for SFTS to mitigate impact on your business systems even before your employees and workstations are affected.

Windows, Mac & Linux Servers – Covered Worry Free.

Many technical service providers don’t cover the three operating systems that servers operate on in business environments. We understand that every business is different and have unique needs to have a variety of server operating systems in your environment. SFTS covers them all, Microsoft Windows Server, MAC and Linux servers are covered with our care packages and managed services.

Thorough IT Support Service For Your Business

Our approach to technical problems at your business is multi tiered. While we respond to resolve the issue ASAP for all of our clients, we also confirm that any ongoing issues that may exist with the server are addressed to see that an issue does not repeat itself. SFTS Technicians and Engineers see that issues are responded to, documented and confirmed operationally stable following an incident at our help desk and IT services team.

Our Team Covers The Large Brands, That Represent Your Server I.T. Infrastructure