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Certain things have a “come one, come all” policy. Security compliance policies however, are not one of them. It’s a custom thing, and what may work for one establishment is not necessarily guaranteed to work for you. That’s why you need to put together policies and strategies that best suit your specific needs.

Security and compliance is a very vital aspect. This is because there is the perpetual risk of having your data; and all business data is sensitive, breached or compromised. Nobody wants that, so it is important to put checks in place that fill in the gaps.

There exists a bunch of regulations on compliance, already difficult to understand and follow to the book, and any breaches could put your business at the risk of lawsuits, heavy fining and further clampdowns. At South Florida Tech Support, our goal is to help you not just stay afloat but also stay ahead of things as you adhere to the rulebooks, and position your establishment as an IT Security Compliance Company.

With our Cyber security compliance services, you leave absolutely nothing to chance. As earlier mentioned, this greatly reduces any risk to your organizations, and you do not have to pay dearly for any costly mistakes or breaches.

South Florida Tech Support provides security and compliance services in the following:

  • A front to back analysis of the risk your security systems pose to you and overall assessment
  • Formulation of plans on security as well as personnel for security officer roles.
  • Assistance in basic IT security roles and needs. We offer services in encryption, email hosting, firewall management, recovery and backup in the events of loss or theft, training sessions and seminars on how to handle security
  • We also inform you of other steps to take in threat management so your organization can stay ahead

Be proactive; stay ahead of threats with South Florida Tech Support.