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No doubt that Voice over Internet Protocol makes communication easier, and is far more seamless— not to mention it is usually less costly than a phone bill.

Sometimes though, it’s not always so smooth. Since your voice is being converted into a signal that travels over the internet, sometimes you have to deal with VoIP problems or issues.

You may be experiencing echoing; your speech may end up broken or delayed; audio only goes one-way; all you could be hearing is static; there could be a constant humming and buzzing on the line; you could be having serious errors in communication when you fax or be experiencing delays with your connection. These issues are not fun— and they hurt the communication process for you and the person on the other end.

If one of these is happening to you, then you need to speak to a VoIP and get some much needed VoIP support services.

South Florida Tech Support is just right for you. We are a VoIP support company ready to handle any issue with your VoIP usage; giving you the best service you could ask for.

We provide VoIP telephone support for the following issues, which contribute to VoIP bugs:

  • Networking and LAN Issues: sometimes your VoIP problems occur when there are connectivity issues between the computers and the internet; there’s difficulty in completing two way calls, there’s a problem with the router or loss of internet connectivity.
  • Phone and Voice Quality: lags, echoing, repeated speech, static and other voice quality issues.
  • WAN Connectivity & the Internet.
  • Faxing Issues & other devices.

A lot of these problems can be headaches and very frustrating, so getting them fixed can really go a long way. Trust South Florida Tech Support to get you right back on track with VoIP support.